Type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance are major health risks, the incidence of which is increasing in all parts of the world

BioKier is developing oral products designed to mimic the effects of malabsorptive gastric bypass surgery which is the most effective treatment for diabetes. In this way, BioKier intends to change the way diabetes is managed and improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

What Is BioKier?

BioKier is an early-stage medical food and pharmaceutical company developing new proprietary products for diabetes and related disorders. BioKier has identified a therapeutic opportunity and is developing a novel oral product for management and treatment for type 2 diabetes and related comorbidities. This product will potentially also have effects in metabolic syndrome and obesity.

BioKier's Partners

BioKier, Inc. has created a network of partnerships with experts in pharmaceutical development, medical treatment, business strategy, law, and laboratory services. This allows BioKier to utilize specialized guidance and advice at every step of the development process.

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